Money donated to The Wishing Well enables traumatised children access to healing therapies.


Online donation

St George Bank

Account name: The Wishing Well


Account number: 474 213 323


When donating through St George Bank, please make sure you include your surname, company name or the entity name from whom the donation is being made. Please then contact us using this form so we can forward you a tax receipt.

Tax Receipt Request





Online Reference used: 

Please forward my receipt to the following address:

Cheque / Money Order Donation

Please mail cheques and money orders to: The Wishing Well, PO BOX 71, Oatlands, NSW 2117 


Leave a bequest

To leave a bequest, we recommend using the following wording:

I GIVE, free of any relevant duties, the amount of __ or __% (percentage) of my estate to The Wishing Well Inc (ABN 30 996 602215), absolutely for the general purposes of the said organisation.  I DIRECT that a receipt of the organisation shall be a sufficient discharge of my Trustee or Executor. 

Donation Use

Once you have made your donation, please let us know if you have any particular request as to how you would like your funds used. If you do not have a particular request, there is no need to complete the following.  


Your Name:

Your Telephone Number:

Your Email Address:

Method of donation (online / cheque/ money order etc):

How i wish to help:

Please contact me by: Email Telephone 

Discovering how your donation was used..... 


We understand you may wish to know specific information about your donation including some detail about the benefits your generosity afforded a child or young person.  Whilst we are unable to identify or provide identifying information about individual children or young people, we are able to give you some quite specific non-identifying information about the child/young person’s circumstances, the therapy and the services we were able to offer to them, and the benefits they experienced. In some circumstances, and dependent on the child’s age and stage of development, we may let the child/young person know that an act of kindness by someone who cared about them facilitated their participation in a particular therapy or in their receiving some specialist remedial help.   

If you would like to know about the benefits and outcomes a child/young person experienced as a result of your donation please contact us and we will discuss these with you. Should you wish to know please use the information above or go to the Contact Us page for more information.  Please understand if you wish to remain anonymous we respect this and this does not preclude you from speaking with us about your donation.      


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